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Megan Morgan with Vintage Back Roads

Vintage Back Roads Furniture

Megan Morgan with Vintage Back Roads Megan Morgan is a long-standing resident of Katy. She has been painting for eight years and a proprietor of Vintage Back Roads for over four years.

Vintage Back Roads started out as vision for her when she began painting furniture. She knew she wanted to own her own business and share her love for the what she created with the residents of Katy and surrounding cities. She opened Vintage Back Roads on April 1, 2014 with just a few vendors. The number of vendors grew from 14 to 40+ in less than year. After three years Vintage Back Roads out grew its space and needed a bigger location. Megan was able to secure her new location in the older Katy Hardware building. In May of 2017 Vintage Back Roads moved to the new location at 813 Ave. B. Unfortunately, 3 months later Hurricane Harvey took its toll on the store like it did other residents of Katy and Houston. Megan did not give up, she gathered up her vendors and within two weeks the store was back up and running with new furniture pieces. Residents of Katy and surrounding cities flocked to Vintage Back Roads in need of replacing pieces they had lost due to Harvey.

Megan has worked hard at making Vintage Back Roads a place where residents feel welcomed. If the store does not have what customers request, then she will find a way to get what they are looking for. With continued success the store remains to be a great place for finding quality furniture, home décor, and custom-made designs.

Arcalee Gautier
Arcalee Gautier

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