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Arcalee Gautier with Vintage Back Roads

Vintage Back Roads Furniture

Arcalee Gautier with Vintage Back Roads Arcalee Gautier has lived in Katy for 15 years. Her love for painting started at a very young age. She loved art and painted anything that did not move! She has taken that passion and created many artsy pieces on furniture.

Arcalee was one of Vintage Back Road’s first vendors. Initially painting furniture was just a part-time activity for her to fill between her corporate job. Then she saw the potential in gaining more income as she started working on custom pieces that the store accepted from customers. She quit her 9-5 job and plunged into her painting business full-time. Furniture painting is not all she enjoys doing, she creates fun yard art holiday pieces and home décor. She has made many fun holiday pieces for the store over the last four years, but the one that people keep on coming back for is the Halloween street sign post. (Check out her business page on Facebook - Cr8ive Play).

Arcalee is always looking at new ideas and techniques to use in her furniture painting. She loves learning about the trends in the furniture painting business and teaching them in her painting classes at Vintage Back Roads. She has recently taken up upholstery and ready to revive the tattered and torn chairs she finds thrifting.

If she is not painting, you can catch her running any 5K or 10K around the city or thrifting for fun things to re-make.

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